A tray of filo wraps

Glendal Foods is an Australian gourmet food manufacturing company based in Melbourne, servicing the food industry throughout Australia and beyond.

We produce many types of handmade and innovative gourmet lines in both fresh, chilled and frozen and fresh formats, made to our client’s requirements and specifications. Our speciality is Value-Added, portion controllled items with our strength lying in our Hand-Made techinques and methods. This sets us apart from our competitors, which are all Machine-Made, and also ensures the food is made at its best always, whilst maintaining that gourmet quality we are famous for.

Key Clientele

Since 1983 we have been contract manufacturing for distinguished multi-national food companies and supplying major hotel groups, restaurants and Catering companies as well as servicing the Airline Catering facilities throughout Australia and overseas. We also produce a range of products for the retail market mainly in gourmet supermarkets, Online Food Vendors, delicatessens and grocery stores.

Consistency and Value

We service our customers through flexibilty, reliability and quality at all times, by employing highly skilled and dedicated people to create your products. Glendal Foods’ reputation and standards are such that our products are accredited by world renowned companies which means our quality is up to the highest standards possible.

Flexibility and service is our strength. We can work with your company to cater to your needs and specifications.

Our Vision – to become the preferred provider of products and services that forsee and satisy the needs of customers, balancing the highest level of satisfaction consistent with maximising returns to stakeholders.

Our Mission – to provide the food industry with innovative and gourmet solutions to food with our combined commitment to the highest quality, responsive service and safe food supply.

Our Values

  • We are respectful and polite to each other, our clients and others with whom we interact.
  • We provide our clients with quality services and act in their best interests.
  • We aim to provide a safe and happy work environment, continuously reviewing and improving our standards and supporting the growth of our team as a whole.
  • We are committed to continuous improvement and skill development, in the interests of individual team members, the organisation and our clients.
  • To become a recognised leader in innovating the gourmet food industry.


Our subsidiary John McEwan markets our existing range direct to the retail market. John McEwan products can be purchased online and found in Costco Wholesale and Aussie Farmers Direct nation-wide. A list of stockists can be found here.