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Flexibility & Collaboration

We focus on handcrafted quality and premium taste to deliver the delicious results that exceed your customers’ expectations. Our expert team will collaborate with you to give you the flexibility to customise a solution. With our state of the art production facility and exceptional safety standards we have established ourselves as a leading manufacturer of value-added gourmet foods.

Flexibility & Collaboration
Years of Industry Experience

Years of Industry Experience


Soups & Sauces

[gwts_gwl_gallery_slider id="647"] Our range of soups and sauces are second to none. Using on the freshest ingredients to make

Plated Ready Meals

[gwts_gwl_gallery_slider id="649"] Glendal Foods manufacture a truly great range of fresh and frozen, high quality ready meals. Our gourmet

Curries & Casseroles

[gwts_gwl_gallery_slider id="653"] We produce an eclectic range of authentic curries and casseroles for all your main dish requirements. Using

Finger Food

[gwts_gwl_gallery_slider id="643"] Our eclectic range of gourmet canape lines are hand crafted using only the finest ingredients. 30 years

Meal Components

[gwts_gwl_gallery_slider id="645"] We produce a whole variety of gourmet meal accompaniments to suit any menu. From small 80gm to


[gwts_gwl_gallery_slider id="656"] We produce a fine selection of homestyle condiments, marinades and sauces that will compliment all types of