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We produce a fine selection of homestyle condiments, marinades, cooking sauces, pestos and pastes that will compliment all types of meals and fingerfoods.
Real fresh ingredients slow cooked to bring out the full flavour (no shortcuts).
PH controlled and packed in tubs from 500gm upto 5kg, with a shelf life from 30 days upto 180 days depending on the product.

Relishes, Chutneys & Pickles

  • Relishes – Tomato Mediterranean Capsicum, Corn
  • Chutneys – Beetroot, Mango & Apricot, Green Mango, Tomato Kasoundi
  • Marmalade – Onion
  • Jams – Chilli Jam, Spanish Capsicum
  • Pickle – Green Tomato

Pestos & Pastes

  • Pesto – Basil, Rocket, Sun Dried Tomato
  • Tapenade – Black Olive, Green Olive
  • Paste – Green Thai Curry, Red Thai Curry, Laksa, Rendang, Tandoori, Tikka, Vegetarian Thai Curry
  • Fresh Salsas – Tomato, Corn, Tomatillo, Chilli
  • Fresh Marinades – Thai Basil & Chilli, Vietnamese Lemongrass, Piri Piri, Tandoori